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Easily Configure GameVox

The settings dialog can be found by clicking the 'G' icon on the main window or by using the Self menu and selecting Settings when you are connected to a voice server. The basic view of the settings dialog provides users with the most common customization options necessary without any extra features. Full customization of GameVox settings can be achieved by clicking the Advanced button in the bottom left. See Advanced Settings for more details.

Currently all the settings must be configured on each install of the client. If you use GameVox on two separate computers then each GameVox install must be configured individually.

Basic client settings

Microphone Input

Determines which audio device to use when inputting sound. This is most typically a microphone. Setting this to Default Device will use
the default device as configured in windows

Sound Output

Which audio device to play GameVox voice and sound. Most common settings for this would be headphones or speakers. Similar to
Microphone Input, setting this do Default Device will use the windows default device.

Voice Transmission

Controls how you want GameVox to transmit your voice when you talk.

Push To Talk - Allows you to set a button that you press in order to transmit similar to a Walkie-talkie. In order to set your push to talk key,
click in the grey area next to the keyboard icon and wait for the "Press shortcut" text to appear. After the "Press Shortcut" text appears, push
down the button or key combination you want to use to transmit your voice.

Voice Activity - Transmits your voice when the volume reaches a certain threshold. The colored bar shows the current level detected by
your microphone. The slider inside of the bar allows you to adjust the threshold so you will only transmit when you speak into the microphone.
Adjust so the indicator is in the green only when you are talking.

Quality - Determines the quality of your transmitted voice. Higher quality will use more bandwidth. If the Custom setting is visible this means
that Voice Quality sliders were fine tuned in the Advanced Settings screen.

Advanced client settings

See the Advanced View article which covers configuring more advanced GameVox application options.

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