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GameVox users can message each other by double clicking another user inside of a voice server or on their friends list.

If two users are not friends, you can right click that user and select "Send Friend Request" which will automatically send a friend request to that user. Once two users are friends they will be able to see when that user is online and join the voice server they are connected to. Joining servers through the friends list will not bypass any restrictions such as server passwords or bans. 

The friends list on the main window inside of the GameVox client lists any users of the system that you have added as friends.

Adding Friends

You can add users as friends either by right clicking a non friend user in a voice server and selecting "Send Friend Request" or you can click the "Add Friend" button and enter that users username or email address.

Adding a user as a friend will create a friend request which may contain an optional message which can be used to briefly describe who you are or why you want to be friends. 

Once the friend request is sent, the receiving user of that friend request must click the green check mark to accept the friend request or the red x to decline.

Removing Friends

Friends can be removed at any time by clicking on the drop down arrow button and selecting the "Remove Option". When you remove a friend, the user you removed is not notified. Instead you are simply

removed from that users friends list.

Blocking Users

You may block friends from contacting you by selecting the "Block" button if you hover over an offline user in your friends list, or by clicking the drop down arrow next to an online friend. Similar to removing friends, blocking a user does not notify them they are blocked.

Any user you have blocked is listed under the "Blocked" section of the friends tab


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