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GameVox is powered by a central user system which means that you only need to remember a single username and password to access your friends list and favorite voice servers. This central user system means that you can easily follow your friends (see Friends), grant permissions (see Permissions System), or ban unwanted users (see Server Ban) from your server with ease. 

Cloud based Account Settings

Many of the GameVox application and user settings are stored in the GameVox cloud network so that if a user moves between computers, their settings will follow them. The settings that currently follow the client is limited to this following list, with more settings being added in future versions. The settings that are stored in the cloud are:

  • Friends list
  • Server list which includes both favorite servers and recently connected servers
  • Any previously entered passwords used to connect to GameVox servers

Some settings will not be stored in the cloud. These settings are computer specific settings such as input or output device which need to be configured when GameVox is installed as they differ between physical machines.


Every GameVox account has the ability to set an Avatar image, the avatars are shown on:

  • Friends list
  • Inside the voice server
  • On the overlay
  • User to user instant message window

Lean More about Avatar's

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