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A server banner can help uniquely identify your communities server from another with just a quick glance. Under the Servers tab on the GameVox main window, you will see the banners of all servers that you have ever been connected to. 


Create and upload an image to identify your server!

  • Server Banners are displayed inside the server window and on the server-list
  • Users double-click on your server banner to join your server on the server-list
  • Clicking on your banner while connected to your GameVox server takes you to the communities website


To look the best, your server banner should be the following size.

Width: 350px

Height: 75px

Allowed file types

There are three supported file types.

  1. JPEG (.jpg and .jpeg)
  2. PNG
  3. GIF (non animated)

How to update your Server Banner

There are two ways you can set your server banner.

  1. From the Application
    1. On the top left of the Voice Server window click the "Server" then the "Settings..." menu option
    2. Click on your existing Server Banner
    3. Select the Sever Banner image you have created on your computer
    4. Press "OK" to save the Server Settings and your new banner.
  2. From the GameVox website
    1. Login to
    2. Click on the "Manage Server" link under your server
    3. Click on the existing server banner to get a prompt allowing you to upload your new server banner

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