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Get a GameVox Premium Server to get the full experience!

GameVox Standard Servers are free with certain limitations.

Limitations of GameVox Standard

GameVox Premium Features


 $10 USD per month or pre-pay for a discount

Server Themes

Bring your groups hangout to life!

  • Apply a pre-made or custom Server Theme to your GameVox Server. 
  • Themes are automatically downloaded and applied for all connecting desktop clients.

Server RSS Feed

Integrate your website with your GameVox Server!

  • Display relevant news and information inside of your GameVox Server's window.
  • RSS or "Rich Site Summary" is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, forum posts, website information —in a standardized format. If you are using a prebuilt website system your website likely publishes an rss document ready to use.  Simply search for a link to your RSS feed on your website - most RSS feeds can be located with the RSS Icon.  

User Badges

Quickly display relevant information about each user!

Example of User Badges

    • Display 5 badges per user
    • Upload your own icons or select from our huge collection of pre-made icons to create Badges.
    • You can rearrange a user's badges in any order you want with our drag and drop system.

    • User Badges are not related to a users permissions inside the GameVox Voice Server. 

Group Icons

Show a customized icon for each group in your server!

    • Display 1 icon per group.
    • Group Icons can be displayed in the channel tree beside users who are a member of that group. 
    • Upload your own icons or select from our huge collection of pre-made icons.

User Layout

Customize the way your users appear in the server through User Layouts!


    • Display options include

      • User Badges 
      • Groups and Group Icons
      • One or two line display

Chat Rooms (Up to five)

Create up to five Chat Rooms to separate conversation, increase participation and fill community needs

    • Ideas include

      • Create an Announcements Chat Room only Moderators can post to.
      • Create an Administrators Only Chat Room (that wont be displayed to users without access) for private saved conversations.
      • Create a Help Me! Chat Room where uses can ask questions and get help from moderators. 
    • Different Chat Rooms can have different permissions per each Group

Get a GameVox Server for your group!


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