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WARNING: If you have the trial/free version of Virtual Audio Cable - it will continuously say "trial" into your audio mix and be undesirable.

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up GameVox to stream music using the Virtual Audio Cable program.  The same concept can and will apply to other software or hardware enabled devices. Sound Blaster sound cards will have this built in and they named it "What You Hear".

We also suggest that you take a look at Multiple GameVox Instances which allows you to run GameVox multiple times. This would allow you to have have your main GameVox account while having a secondary streaming account dedicated just for that purpose. Alternatively you could run GameVox on a separate computer such as a laptop so you don't have to run at least two copies of the GameVox application.

Download and Install Virtual Audio Cable

You can download the trial version of this program from this link:

You can buy the software once you get everything setup correctly from this link:

Once you have Virtual Audio Cable installed on your computer you are able to go onto the next step.

Setting Up Your Music Player to Stream

Setting up the Playback Device

In this guide we will be using Windows Media Player to stream the music. The first step in this process will be to setup the "Playback Device" to be our newly installed Virtual Audio Cable.

  1. Right click the blank space either at the top or near the play buttons to get the Windows Media Player options
  2. Once you get the dialog navigate to "Tools" then to "Options..."
  3.  Select the "Speakers" option under the "Devices" tab and click "Properties"
  4. Select the Virtual Audio Cable option (this is usually by default "Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable)") – Click Apply and then OK to save the settings
  5. Close Window Media Player
  6. Open Windows Media Player back open to activate the new streaming playback device

Configuring GameVox to Stream Music

In this section you will setup GameVox to use the Virtual Audio Cable as it's "Input Device". Setting the GameVox input device will play whatever music, sounds, etc is coming from the steps we did before.

  1. Open the GameVox settings
  2. Activate the "Advanced" mode of the settings
  3. In the "Input" tab select the Virtual Audio Cable (usually "Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable)")
  4. Select the Continuous option for the "Voice Transmission"
  5. Click "Apply" and "OK"


You should now be able to join a server and have your music being continuously played. We find this to be the easiest setup for streaming music, however, depending on your computer setup you might need to alter some steps.


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