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GameVox User Badges allow connected users to quickly and visibly see information on other users.  Generally User Badges communicate useful information related to the game the group is playing.  For example a User Badge may communicate "I can heal you", "I fly the helicopter", "I am on the red team", or "I am the raid leader". 

Example screen shot of User Badges in a GameVox Server.

Example of User Badges

  • Upload your own icons or select from our huge collection of pre-made icons to create Badges.
  • You can rearrange a user's badges in any order you want with our drag and drop system.

  • User Badges are not related to a users permissions inside the GameVox Voice Server. 

  • See Group Icons to put an icon on a permissions group.

Premium Only

The User Badge feature is only available for GameVox Premium Servers.

Components of the User Badge System

User BadgeA GameVox User Badge consists of two pieces; a required icon (image), and an optional badge title.
Badge Icon

The badge icon is a 16x16 pixel image that will provide a visual representation of a certain classification, achievement or grouping of an user.  Upload your own icon (image) of any size (The image will be re-sized to 16x16 pixels) or select one from our huge collection of pre-made icons to create a Badge.

Badge Title

The badge title is a word representation of the icon that communicates your badges meaning. This will be displayed when you assign a badge icon and when you hover over the user with your mouse.
Server Badge Library

The Server Badge Library is a collection of badges that were created on the server you are connected to. These badges can be assigned to users on the server. When you remove a badge from the Server Badge Library, the badge will be also be removed from all users who were assigned the badge.

Assigning a Badge to a User

  1. Right click on the user you want to assign a badge to and click "Badges...".
  2. Click an empty slot ("+") or click on the Badge you want to replace.
  3. Select the Badge you wish to use from the Server Badge Library or Create a New Badge then click "OK".
  4. Click the "OK" button to apply the badge to the user

 Creating a Badge

  1. Open the Server Badge Library by adding or editing an existing badge on a GameVox User
  2. Click on the "Create New Badge..."
  3. (Optional) Add a badge title to denote what the badge indicates
  4. Select the icon for the badge you want to create and the click "Create" at the bottom
  5. Click "OK" to finalize the user badge icon creation



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